• Joey Lee

Where Have You Been?

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In a recent conversation with Ashley Jane Lewis and Arnab Chakravarty at ITP, we began to brainstorm ideas about creating a Data Literacy Workbook that would contain a series of exercises to help train people to view data with a critical eye.

One idea was to explore the implications of data privacy through geo-location and maps. In the world of geospatial data, precise locations are as important as imprecise data. As one example to showcase the implications of this, one exercise we thought about was to explore what fuzzy geo-location could mean for you if companies and government agencies were looking to categorize and classify you based on where you have gone (or not gone).

The Exercise

The exercise revolves around asking the question, "Where have you been?" It is not a question of exactly where you have been, but rather all of the places you might have been given one's location in a place. In this exercise, you use the map to collect all of the businesses and locations within a 120m buffer of you and ask questions about what those locations could mean if/whem applied to your name.