• Joey Lee

Today I got my first vaccine dose

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Today I got my first vaccine dose.

I spent much of quarantine day-dreaming about where I’d go after being vaccinated. “Maybe Paris?” I’ve thought over and over again. The charm of Paris is that it is something different to every person; for me it has always been a place best experienced alone and “through my own eyes”.

Today, Paris was not a place but the name of the nurse who administered my first Covid-19 vaccination. She said, “Today is a special day, you know why? Because there’s always something new to notice about the world and that makes every day special.”

After giving me my first shot of Moderna, I said to her with a smile, “You just changed my life, thank you” And she looked at me, paused, and said, “and so have you.”

I’ve been alone a lot this past year but through it all, I’ve learned the importance of maintenance - of attention, of curiosity, of patience, of expectations - and the time it takes to appreciate the love I receive from others and the energy it takes to give it back. And that, despite the pain, devastating losses, and sadness, has indeed been special.