Joey Lee explores geographies mediated through data and computation.

Designer & Researcher.


Based in Brooklyn, NY

Working as an interaction designer, creative technologist, and educator.


New York University | Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

School of Visual Arts | Design for Social Innovation

Thinking about

Generative design & geography, machine learning, data collection systems, climate change, urban climates, open source & access, visualization, algorithmic ethics, critical mapping, & education.

What You Get is What You See – node.js + yolo

Node-yolo is a node.js wrapper for the popular YOLO image recognition library.

Teaching your computer how to see just got easier with node-yolo. Created as a collaboration between the moovel lab and Alex (@OrKoN of moovel engineering), node-yolo builds upon Joseph Redmon’s neural network framework and wraps up the You Only Look Once (YOLO) real-time object detection library - YOLO - into a convenient and web-ready node.js module. The best thing about it: it’s open source! Read the post on