Hello, I'm Joey Lee.

Interaction designer & technologist.


Based in Brooklyn, NY

Working as an interaction designer, creative technologist, and educator.


New York University | Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

Thinking about

Generative design & geography, machine learning, data collection systems, climate change, urban climates, open source & access, visualization, algorithmic ethics, critical mapping, & education.

Hello Vector Tiles

Learn how to build your own web map vector tiles and serve them up with Tilehut.js | Prepared for FOSS4G in Boston.

Hello Vector Tiles is a workshop that introduces Mapbox vector tiles. By working with a real data example challenge, the participants learn how to create and style vector tiles, as well as serve them up using Tilehut.js and a platform as as service (e.g. Heroku).

In preparing the workshop, I wanted to create a Boston specific visualization using local data (because isn’t it always more fun that way?). I used the Hubway Bike Share Data for January 2017 to create a Graphhopper to interpolate the routing. You can read more or follow along with the workshop with the links below.

The participants were super friendly and despite all the platform and browser related issues with getting setup and running, everyone kept a cool head and positive attitude. Thanks to all those that participated!

Workshop Materials: https://github.com/joeyklee/hello-vector-tiles

Hubway Bike Visualization Jan. 2017: https://joeyklee.github.io/hubway-count-viz/