Hello, I'm Joey Lee.

Interaction designer & technologist.


Based in Brooklyn, NY

Working as an interaction designer, creative technologist, and educator.


New York University | Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)

Thinking about

Generative design & geography, machine learning, data collection systems, climate change, urban climates, open source & access, visualization, algorithmic ethics, critical mapping, & education.


A twitter bot tweeting out the locations of every single named location across the world starting from antarctica.

what3words is a service that offers a global addressing service by mapping 3 word combinations to 3×3 grid squares. Their method makes it possible to offer address to locations that might otherwise be difficult to address. In total, there are ~57 trillion of these 3×3 grid squares in the what3words database which uniquely identify the places of earth or at least try to.

The @all3words twitter bot tweets the 3 word addresses and their respective latitude and longitude coordinate starting from (-80, -180) and eventually going to (84,180). The bot tweets every 8 hours, which means it will take ~7 billion years to tweet the addresses of the entire earth, apparently about the time that large galaxies stopped growing.

Places have long been described based on their characteristics, the feelings they evoke, the types of people that inhabit them, and so on. what3words does not do that. Rather it seems the service randomly mashed together and designated words - some more controversial than others // what3fucks.com. There is something both poetic about codifying random words to space and also something deeply mechanical and troubling about the disconnect between those words and they places (and people) they’ve come to address. Perhaps by attempting to visualize them all - the words and the places together - it allows us to reflect a bit more about how we describe the places we live, how those places describe us, and how we want others to (a)scribe meaning to the places that have or maybe should not have been mapped.

There’s a lot of other stuff to unpack: identifying tech glitches or (un)happy accidents (e.g. what3fucks.com, what3ducks.com), mapping/addressing places that shouldn’t be addressed, differences between languages, proprietary algorithm artefacts, and more. Perhaps more will be revealed as the tweets keep rolling in.

See the growing list of 3 word combinations at: @all3words/