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New Media Researcher
Brooklyn, New York

Who Wants to be as Self-driving Car?

Who Wants To Be A Self Driving Car? from moovel lab on Vimeo.


Idea & Concept Joey Lee, Benedikt Groß, &and Raphael Reimann
Development MESO Digital Interiors
Video David Leonard
A Project By moovel lab and collaborators


“Who Wants to be a Self-Driving Car?” is a data driven trust exercise that uses augmented reality to help people empathize with self-driving vehicle systems. I together with Benedikt Groß (DE, http://benedikt-gross.de/log/), and Raphael Reimann (DE, http://lab.moovel.com/people/raphael-reimann) from the moovel Lab, in collaboration with MESO Digital Interiors (http://meso.net/), built an unconventional driving machine that lets people use real-time, three-dimensional mapping and object recognition displayed in a virtual reality headset to navigate through space.

We used this explorative and immersive experience to draw attention to the discussions currently surrounding the future of artificial intelligence and self-driving cars. We wanted to explore what it might be like to build an empathy machine that translates the computational thinking of self-driving cars into a way that people might be able to engage with. The experience is meant to help people enter the discussion about self-driving cars, the layers of technology in them and their implications.

See the project at: http://selfdriving.moovellab.com/


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Special thanks to the moovel lab team and the moovel group, David Leonard, the team at MESO, the organizers of NODE, PUSH, and KiKK, and Lauren, Jeremy, and Ntonie, and all those who took part in the video.