Hello. I'm Joey Lee.

Interaction Designer & Creative Technologist.
Currently in Brooklyn, New York.

TBD - Stuttgart


When I moved to Stuttgart, I wanted a nice excuse to get my growing friend groups together to present and discuss their projects and ideas around design, science, technology, art, and more. Together with my friends Eileen, Chris, and Julia, we began drafting ideas about what kind of gathering we wanted to create, the types of people we wanted to attract, and how to create a friendly, inclusive, and diverse meet up.

We prototyped a meetup which we called “TBD”; TBD standing for To Be Designed/Discussed/Developed/… and so on. Our format is an intimate 2-hours in the middle of the week every month or so, with 2 speakers coming from different worlds, but speaking to a common theme. We found that having 2 speakers, speaking for ~30min (15 min for questions) each, plus time for snacks and chatting has been pretty nice. We also started running the meetup in German because we found people to be more willing to participate, ask questions, and engage - yes public speaking is hard enough already! My german isn’t great, but I can still follow along. Also it’s great to see the different dynamics when people are able to engage in their native language and the types of subtleties that one might miss when operating in second or third language.

So far we’ve had talks about:

  • TBD #3: The Future of Symbols and Signs - Julia
  • TBD #2: “To Be Denatured”:
    • “The Bioprinter” - Roman
    • “Master of the Universe & DIY Toy Making”
  • TBD #1: “To Be Decoded”
    • “on spatial things” - Joey

Here’s an animated background image we used at the meetup: https://joeyklee.github.io/tbd