Hello. I'm Joey Lee.

Interaction Designer & Creative Technologist.
Currently in Brooklyn, New York.

Particulate Matter Awareness Sketches


Stuttgart is the Detroit of Germany - it is the cradle of the combustion engine and the automobile. That being said, people love their cars and driving them around the city, despite the fact that it is one of the most walking accessible cities I’ve lived in.

During the winter times, particulate matter (PM) is a huge problem. So much so that the city has been under a lot of pressure to figure out ways to reduce their PM concentrations through interventions on traffic and industry. Despite how terrible the PM levels are here and the efforts on behalf of the government to disincentivize driving, etc., there doesn’t seem to be much effect.

So, when I saw J Paul Neeley’s Night Night and the Narcos ad where users had to swipe away the cocaine to get to the page, I thought why not try to experiment with these ideas. Using these interactions might help to build awareness for the PM that we might be breathing in as a result of the emissions from cars, industry, and the weather conditions. These are just some experimental P5.js sketches to play with these ideas. When I get a bit more time, I hope to turn it into an actual web or ios app with an actual design and ability to interact, but for now, here’s just a few gifs.