Less than 10 days ago, the Moz Science Fellows received news we’d be embarking on our open science crusade. Now I’ve just spent the last 3 days in NYC, more precisely Brooklyn, at the old CartoDB (thanks CartoDB!) office in Williamsburg to meet the Moz Science Lab crew and the other Moz Science Fellows and to build a roadmap for the next 10 months as a Moz Fellow.

Over the last 3 days, I worked together with the Moz Science Lab and the other fellows to get a feeling for what the Moz foundation is all about, to discuss ideas about the systemic and cultural reasons which point to the lack of openness in science, and to take part in a number of team building and networking activities and events.

Some of the resources from the last days are here:

A rough outline of the Fellowship timeline is shown here. During the “explore” phase I will take some time to hash out some of my ideas about how to combine my interests in community engagement, mapping, and science communication. No idea yet, what this will look like, but fingers crossed!