Helen Kim asked me to help build a strategy and digital media for her crowdfunding campaign for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research | Team Fox. The campaign is live!

I taught a class with Aurelia Moser at NYU's ITP program. Our 12 week course was focused on personal data politics, possibilities, and projects.

Check out Beat The Traffic! I scouted and filmed the locations for the New York levels.

Some thoughts about geography, interdisciplinarity, and design.


A twitter bot tweeting out the locations of every single named location across the world starting from antarctica.

The Open Data Cam project by moovel lab is an open source traffic counter running on Node-Yolo. I helped the lab with setting up the image recognition stuffs.

I gave a talk at the North American Cartographic Information Society meeting in Montreal in 2017 about moovel Lab's What the Street project.

Static Emoji Map App

Emojify your maps! | Prepared for Maptime NYC.

Hello Vector Tiles

Learn how to build your own web map vector tiles and serve them up with Tilehut.js | Prepared for FOSS4G in Boston.

Node-yolo is a node.js wrapper for the popular YOLO image recognition library.

tilehut.js has been updated! Along with raster tiles, now you can host your own vector tiles! (Yes, we can hardly contain ourselves).

Little experiment with cartograms

the geosandbox

Collection of step-by-step interactive tutorials to learn webmapping

Workshop for Mozilla Science Lab about online collaborations with Github

Animated 311 phone calls for Vancouver's service calls

Population.io is a data viz project modelling the changing world population numbers. I ported the models which were written in R code to Python to be used for the backend of this app.