On the 25th of June, just after a Maptime meetup, my good friend Sarah sent me this email:

The link to this “amazing fellowship” turned out to be a call for applications from Mozilla (most known for their Firefox browser, but in general for being advocates for an open and inclusive web) looking for researchers interested in making science, the practice and knowledge, open.

I responded to Sarah’s email with something like this:

The prospect of being a Mozilla Science Fellow was exciting, mysterious, and terrifying, but the odds seemed stacked against me - I’m relatively young, no major experiences as an open research/data/tool advocate, and very little experience working with the Mozilla community. Despite my hesitation, I sent the application out.

A few months later and after a round of interviews, the news dropped on the selection for the Mozilla Science Fellows - I made the cut!

I could not be more humbled and appreciative for the opportunity to work with the brilliant fellows - Christie, Richard, and Jason - the Mozilla Science Lab - Kaitlin, Abby, Arliss, Steph, and Zannah - and the Mozilla Community to experiment and start hacking away at questions of openness in science.

While I don’t have a concrete project in mind, I hope to focus my efforts on the ways in which science communication can be enhanced through new collaborations between scientists, researchers, artists, designers, and all the people in between.