About a week ago I came across a link during our Mozilla Community Call called Creatives for Science. I was thrilled to discover that Creatives for Science was a webpage dedicated to bringing together creatives and scientists to develop projects that help to make science research more accessible. For me, Creatives for Science addressed exactly what I think science is missing - the opportunities for nonscientists to participate in the scientific process, particularly the communication of results.

So naturally, I reached out to the founder of the webpage Thea Boodhoo to get to know who she is, what are her motivations, and what her plans are for the Creatives for Science webapge.

During our skype meeting, I discovered that Thea would probably have become a scientsts (she loves dinosaurs) had she not discovered that she was also great at design and advertising. These two interests (in science and design) however were the impetus for her creating the Creatives for Science webpage - she found herself unable to keep up with the huge amount of demand for her design skills for the science communication projects in her network.

Thea’s vision for Creatives for Science was thus to create a platform where scientists could find the design and development person (or team) to help build out science communication projects (and other things) and where creatives could get involved in meaningful and interesting topics.

Currently, the Creatives for Science page is a proof-of-concept of Thea’s larger vision for a web-based platform where the creatives-scientists matchmaking would occur but has yet to be developed.

Next steps? I hope to build on what Thea has envisioned for Creatives for Science and develop it into the platform where scientists and creatives can go to make science more accessible to the public and to springboard new interactions between scientists, designers, and artists. I see a lot of overlap with what the Mozilla Science Lab is doing with the Collaborate project which aims to bring together scientists and software developers together and hope to gain insights from the strengths and weaknesses of Collaborate to help inform the development of Creatives for Science. (As a side note: I think it is brilliant that Collaborate uses github to host the projects and to facilitate the collaboration - bravo!)

I’m much looking forward to working with Thea and the rest of the Mozilla Science Lab and web community to see how we can bring a greater participation of creatives in science and scietists in the arts and design field!

Super nice chatting with you Thea!