Hello. I'm Joey Lee.

I create spatial and digital media.
Currently in Stuttgart, Germany.

AutoIncorrectMe Bot


Over the last years I’ve picked up a few languages - French, Portuguese, and German - with various levels of fluency. When communicating with friends in these different languages while on my phone, the autocorrect function, which is usually pretty helpful in English, completely misinterprets what I’m writing (I could enable the other keyboards, but that’s just more menus to cycle through to get to the emojis!). The results of the misinterpretations are usually unintelligible sentences which are sometimes interesting.

I made this unintelligent Twitter bot that takes text tweeted at it and tries its best to interpret it into words in the English Hunspell Library. At the time of this writing, it only responds to being tweeted at, but on the TODO list are adding features such as:

  • some days the bot is a better interpreter than others
  • scrape simple phrases from other languages and autoincorrect them, posting them each day

For now, the thing is just running, so maybe people will tweet at it.

"Tonight I will cook pumpkin-potato soup"

"Stuttgart is the center of the state of Baden-Wurttemburg"

"I would like the pizza without cheese"

Say some words to the bot, @autoincorrectme: https://twitter.com/autoincorrectme