Joey Lee (US) is a practicing interaction designer and creative technologist currently based in San Francisco LA Boston Singapore Vancouver Stuttgart Brooklyn, New York. He is also an adjunct at NYU’s Intertelecommunications Program (ITP).

Joey is formally trained as a researcher in Geography (B.A., M.Sc), specifically in experimental methods for mapping and monitoring urban environments. His research interests have led him to develop projects that critically explore the implications of new and emerging technologies and services, particularly those that are driven by and produce data about people and places.

As part of his practice, Joey is happy building prototypes often taking the form of interactive web applications, visualizations, and physical computing objects. The outcome of Joey’s work aims to enhance digital literacy. Joey’s goal is to help people and organizations to better express and articulate the ambivalence of technology and how to be considerate in addressing the socio-cultural, environmental, and technical (ab)uses of our computational present/future. Most recently, Joey has spent a lot of time working on: humanizing personal data, building public awareness for autonomous vehicle technologies, making contributions to the latest edition of Generative Design, and developing of a font based on features found in aerial images.

Joey was previously based at the moovel Lab (DE), the Mozilla Science Lab (US), the University of British Columbia (CAN), and the MIT Senseable City Lab (US, SGP). Joey’s work has been featured in the media such as WIRED, Creative Applications, The LA Times and awarded and exhibited internationally at galleries and festivals such as the Japanese Media Arts Festival (2014), IEEE VIS, the United States Library of Congress, KiKK Festival, and the NODE Forum for Digital Arts.

He is currently thinking a lot about: speculative design, chat bots, artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning, self-driving cars, quantified self, affective computing, winter in New York City, web apps, climbing and how to be self-employed. Joey is always thinking about geography.

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