Hello. I'm Joey Lee.

Interaction Designer &
Brooklyn, New York

ABC: The alphabet from the sky

ABC: The Alphabet from the Sky - 60sec Flip Through the Book from Benedikt Groß on Vimeo.


Idea & Concept Benedikt GroƟ & Joey Lee
Machine Learning Ankita Agrawal, Institute for Artificial Intelligence (HS Weingarten)
Satellite Imagery Data Based on open data of the U.S. Geological Survey. Special thanks to Drew Decker!
Penguin Random House Sarah Fabiny, Sara Corebett and Katharine McAnarney


When the Aerial Bold project was first funded on Kickstarter in November 2014, Penguin Random House took the opportunity to imagine a new alphabet book composed of aerial imagery and reached out to us. Over the next year, we worked together with the Penguin team to design and develop the story behind the ABC: The Alphabet from the Sky. The book was published in September 13th 2016. Order the book from any of your favourite booksellers or get it at Amazon.